How do you start?

Maria Angalou

How do you start your family history research?

The answer is simple you start with what you know. You start with your own information and work backwards, confirming documentation as you go.

Why do you do family history research? You do the research because those who went before have helped shape who you are.  In understanding their drives and who they are, you learn more about yourself.

Being part of a family group also gives a sense of belonging.

  • Everyone has a story to tell.
  • Keep a journal
  • Personal reminisces will add authenticity to your family history
  • Old letters add personal and  social commentary and help make the past come alive
  • Does one relative, in particular, stand out and ‘talk’ to you?
  • Ask yourself why am I doing this?
  • In your journal record why that person is important to you
  • Keep good research notes
  • Don’t be afraid to be creative
  • Find a record-keeping system that works for you. A quick check on google will pull up a number of good research storage methods


                                                               ‘Don’t talk about it… it.’


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