Who is / was the man you called Dad? Where was he born, go to school, grow up, work? Who were his parents? Do you have a special memory ?

I chose not to write about my Dads final years and battle with dementia that will be for another time.

The image above was compiled by  my daughter Amanda in memory of her Pa.

You can write as much or as little as you like and the prompts posted yesterday may help you focus.

The workbook sheet I posted yesterday should be helpful  and my tips for writing this week are

  1.   Concentrate on answering the question . I tried to write everything I could think of. I wrote 12 pages and added photos. The task overwhelmed me.
  2.  Make dot points about incidents & memories you would like to chronical and you can go back to these later when you have time
  3.  Don’t try to do it all  it won’t work

READY SET GO —————-. Time to tell a story 🙂


Morse’s Cottage Campbells Creek



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