Week 3 Wrap up & Week 4 Question

Challenge Question Week 4 – This week you will move away from family. and have some real fun with this question. Think about 5 or 6 people that you consider to have had a positive impact on the world. Why did you choose them and in your opinion what have they achieved?

Yesterday I spoke with two people who have started the challenge. Sometimes when we are writing things can bubble to the surface. Things that have been dormant for years. In Counselling, writing a creative narrative is sometimes used to help people make a break through and express their feelings. If you find this happening to you, don’t allow it to be a barrier. Find a trusted loved one, a trusted friend to talk through the concerns or seek professional help if needed. Write your story, close the chapter and move on. Don’t dwell on it . Next challenge posted 



My first choice is Nicki. Nicki is an old friend we haven’t been in contact for a long time but she is an extraordinary person and would be my first choice , Funnily enough, I have chosen 5 women and 1 male.
Nicki – HFHK Founder 2003, International Director 2003-2010 & 2014- current, HFHK Board member 2010-current
Australian citizen Nicki Holt-Manandhar first visited Nepal in December 1997 and promptly fell in love with the country and its people. Nicki returned to Nepal twice to volunteer, before finally throwing in her executive job in Australia to live and work full time in Nepal in June 2003. Nicki successfully piloted deinstitionalisation programs that led to children’s homes being closed, children reintegrated with their families & foster style family homes opened. IN 2010 she returned to Australia and is writing a book.

Who are the others?   All will be revealed next week 🙂

week4 women


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