After the success in connecting with my grand uncle Keith’s side of the family, I thought it would be worth a go to try to find  my 2nd cousin Doug and my 3rd cousins from an other  grand uncle.  Naturally these days  my thoughts turned to social media, I prepared a post and joined a number of ‘reconnect’ sites.  I was advised they do not assist with searches to reconnect with families for family history research. and genealogy sites do not take posts to connect with living people. Dilemma.  My post is now on my page in the hope that friends will share and I will be able to make contact.  I have also posted on Roots Message Board and a couple of others .  This is the post  that caused so much furore.

‘This is an effort to reconnect with some second cousins. The reconnect sites won’t accept this post so here goes on general social media…
I am trying to find the children of my second cousin Phyllis her father was Thomas Henry Phillip Bennett and her mother was Maggie Baldwin. Phyllis grew up at 26 Birdwood Street Footscray, she married (married name not known) and went to Werribee Hoppers Crossing to live, I believe she passed away in the 1980s and had two children who would now be in their 40’s.

I am also looking for Douglas Bennett son of Jack Webster Bennett and Gwendolyn Ivy (maiden name not known) He grew up at 208 West View Street Scarborough WA and would be in his late 60s possibly 70s, I believe he may have lived in Mount Isa for a time.

We have reconnected with Roger Keiths family and would like to explore holding a family reunion. Please pm me or comment below if you can help’

The  modern day Bennetts are proving elusive….

The meme is courtesy of  Twisted Twigs in Google Images .


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