Challenge Question Week 12

Challenge Question Week 12

Wow, three months in. Would love to hear how you are going. One awesome young lady has shared her journal. I was so impressed Good work, Jade. Now to this weeks question.
You can’t choose your relatives but let’s write about them. Your aunts and uncles? Is there anything special you remember? Does one come to mind, an eccentric or just a special person in your life? Who were they? What were they like? Names, dates, memories …come on give it a go – shake the tree of memory and see what happens . Happy writing.

I have a special Uncle his name was Frank.  He died when I was six but I have vivid memories of a tall, rotund, white-haired man.  He had a florid complexion very  Irish looking, with sparkling blue  eyes and an infectious rumbling laugh.  He always wore a suit and tie and had a pocket watch on a chain.  This is pre-decimal times  and he would always give me sixpence.  It was the equivalent of 5 cents but you could buy so much with it. I don’t  have a photo much to my regret.   What I do have is a memory of images and  smells,  his eau de cologne, his  smiling face, a presence and the sound of laughter and a shiney bright sixpence.

Francis Laurence  Hardiman  –  A special way to be remembered. 1889-1956




Challenge Question Week 11

Challenge Question Week 11

Challenge Question Week 11
This week our topic is our Grandparents. Did you live close to your grandparents ? If they lived far away did you ever travel to visit them? What was that like? Or were they part of your everyday life?  Share your memories.


This week I  have posted a personal photo as my central  image.  May I introduce  my paternal grandparents, Dot and Perc Morse.  This photo was taken with their first great grandchiId, my daughter, late 1972 outside their home in Footscray, Victoria. I was blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  To grow up with   both sets of grandparents both my maternal and paternal grandparents  was extremely fortunate. I also knew both my paternal great-grandmothers.  Next week I will share their stories with you.


I hope you are enjoying the challenges and as each week progresses you are building a solid base  from which to write your own story. All the little, forgotten memories that come floating in when you are writing, these all add authenticity to your writing.

Are you finding the writing process any easier?  I hope so!  Next week for week 12  we are going to attempt something very different. So stay tuned.

Challenge Question Week 10

Challenge Question Week 10

Challenge Question Week 10

This week we are back to talking about families. Does your family have any traditions? Ways of doing things that are unique , a special way of celebrating birthdays a trip each year to the same destination for holidays? What do you remember?
Was there a specific way for a particular holiday something like Easter egg hunts, birthday present hunts or special food?

picnic 2

I can think of a number of things.  Fishing trips in the summer to Phillip Island to fish off the back beach at Cape  Woolamai . My cousins and grandparents holidaying every year at Rosebud.


Cape Woolamai back beach

Celebrating winter  with a picnic to the  snow in a local furniture van. We would love you to share some of your memories.

Challenge Question Week 9 Schooldays

Challenge Question Week 9 Schooldays

This week we are back focusing on you.Where did you go to school? Did you enjoy school? Was it a fun time? Can you reflect on something funny or something that perhaps no longer happens at school? For example, for the older ones amongst who remembers free milk and morning play time?




I remember the milk crates sitting on the bench under the old peppercorn tree. To this day seeing or smelling a peppercorn tree takes me straight back to the prep school yard.  Have fun with this one  and here are some images to  help you along .



Week 8 Challenge Question

Week 8 Challenge Question

Welcome back  my apologies for not posting yesterday. Hope everyone is still enjoying the challenge and keep the feedback coming.  Is there a topic you would like to write to?

This week something you can have some fun with SIBLINGS – Your brothers and sisters. What are their names and describe what you remember most about them? If you were an only child you can substitute close cousins or best friends.

E V Abbott illustrated Little Ones At Play circa early 50s

These charming illustrations are by E V Abbott.circa 1950