Challenge Question Week 11

Challenge Question Week 11

Challenge Question Week 11
This week our topic is our Grandparents. Did you live close to your grandparents ? If they lived far away did you ever travel to visit them? What was that like? Or were they part of your everyday life?  Share your memories.


This week I  have posted a personal photo as my central  image.  May I introduce  my paternal grandparents, Dot and Perc Morse.  This photo was taken with their first great grandchiId, my daughter, late 1972 outside their home in Footscray, Victoria. I was blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  To grow up with   both sets of grandparents both my maternal and paternal grandparents  was extremely fortunate. I also knew both my paternal great-grandmothers.  Next week I will share their stories with you.


I hope you are enjoying the challenges and as each week progresses you are building a solid base  from which to write your own story. All the little, forgotten memories that come floating in when you are writing, these all add authenticity to your writing.

Are you finding the writing process any easier?  I hope so!  Next week for week 12  we are going to attempt something very different. So stay tuned.