Challenge Question Week 12

Challenge Question Week 12

Wow, three months in. Would love to hear how you are going. One awesome young lady has shared her journal. I was so impressed Good work, Jade. Now to this weeks question.
You can’t choose your relatives but let’s write about them. Your aunts and uncles? Is there anything special you remember? Does one come to mind, an eccentric or just a special person in your life? Who were they? What were they like? Names, dates, memories …come on give it a go – shake the tree of memory and see what happens . Happy writing.

I have a special Uncle his name was Frank.  He died when I was six but I have vivid memories of a tall, rotund, white-haired man.  He had a florid complexion very  Irish looking, with sparkling blue  eyes and an infectious rumbling laugh.  He always wore a suit and tie and had a pocket watch on a chain.  This is pre-decimal times  and he would always give me sixpence.  It was the equivalent of 5 cents but you could buy so much with it. I don’t  have a photo much to my regret.   What I do have is a memory of images and  smells,  his eau de cologne, his  smiling face, a presence and the sound of laughter and a shiney bright sixpence.

Francis Laurence  Hardiman  –  A special way to be remembered. 1889-1956