Week 16 Challenge Reading

Week 16 Challenge Reading

Gosh, I am late this week — Week 16 Challenge — Did your parents read to you when you were a child? What was your favourite book growing up and why ?  Among my favourite books were  Highland Bumble and Mary Grant Bruce – The Billabong Series. Then I started to think about the books on my bookshelf  when I was younger. My grandmother gave me a copy of Ring of bright water, by Gavin Maxwell  and I fell in love with otters of all descriptions. When I was in grade three  I read Bull of minos by Leonard Cotterell and wanted to be an archaeologist. Gerald Durrell’s books starting with  My family and other animals  and the whole series of wonderful books introduced me to the importance of education and conservation at an early age.

Like Gerry, I had match boxes with bugs and started a furore at the Melbourne Museum  when I walked in with a cigar box of Syrex wasps [dead] and wanted to know how to mount them.  Funny thing is today I can’t remember how I came to have them.

I read everything that I could get my hands on and devoured the classics as well as more modern writers of the day.   I loved Arthur Upfield, very much out of favour today in the world of political correctness as is Dennis Wheatley  but  incredible writers both of them.

When I was growing up we had censorship in Victoria but not in  my home and I remember reading the Group by Mary McCarthy pub 1963, and Lolita pub. 1955 in my early teens. No book was off limits. I read the Dam busters  Paul Brickhill , Off with his head   Ngaio Marsh, 1957, Reach for the Sky by Douglas Bader and these books rubbed shoulders with  Raymond Chandler,  Sax Rohmer and Enid Blyton, L M Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott, the Bronte Sisters, Jane Austen, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Dickens and so many others.  Happy memories.



CHALLENGE WEEK 15 – The quirky family story

CHALLENGE WEEK 15 – The quirky family story

CHALLENGE WEEK 15 – Time for some fun – do you have an amusing family story to tell? Is there an oddball cousin aunt or uncle who did whacky things or a really good story about great grandma that you would like to tell. Have a think and WRITE and have some fun

Hope you are enjoying the challenges.  This week you can have some fun.  Everyone has that one person or that one story they would like to write about.

I have a granduncle who will be the subject of my story but I will need to spend some time on Trove to do a little bit of research on this one. Or I could write about a young man whose idea of fun was to stuff live eels down your bathers, Hmmm choices




This week we continue on the school days theme and tackle questions about friends –

Did you have special friends at school? Were you part of a group? What were your friends like? Do you know what are they doing today?  Have you attended a school reunion?  What was that like?

I attended the 20th anniversary of my final year  group. I discovered the stories you hear can be so spot on.  The group dynamics were all still in force  and for me, I felt people really had  not changed all that much. In many ways, nothing was different except for our ages.  A number of students who had moved away traveled lived overseas  and grown. The larger majority were living in the same area they grew up in.  It was an interesting night. I don’t think I would do it again.

boo boo

Do you have a topic you really want to write to?   Would you like  to share it with the group or send me a message    – this is your story  you can write it any way you want … The rule is there are no rules.

“Friendship is not something you learn in school.  But  if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, then you haven’t learned anything.”   Muhammad Ali 

Challenge Week 13 School Days.

Challenge Week 13 School Days.

Challenge Week 13 Let’s revisit school days. In week 9 we talked a little about our school days . This week consider…… Did you have any favourite subjects at school and why were they your favourites? then the other side of the coin . What subjects were your least favourite and why?  You can have some fun with this one.  My favourite subject for years was Latin.  Somewhere I still have a latin Grammar, inscribed with the inevitable words

“Latin is a dead language as dead as dead can be 

As dead as dead can be 

It killed the ancient Romans

And now it’s killing me

It is amazing how much of the language forms the foundation of the English language and how many phrases have passed into everyday use. Sometimes it also helps with genealogy and reading headstones. Have fun or – ut habere fun