Challenge Week 13 Let’s revisit school days. In week 9 we talked a little about our school days . This week consider…… Did you have any favourite subjects at school and why were they your favourites? then the other side of the coin . What subjects were your least favourite and why?  You can have some fun with this one.  My favourite subject for years was Latin.  Somewhere I still have a latin Grammar, inscribed with the inevitable words

“Latin is a dead language as dead as dead can be 

As dead as dead can be 

It killed the ancient Romans

And now it’s killing me

It is amazing how much of the language forms the foundation of the English language and how many phrases have passed into everyday use. Sometimes it also helps with genealogy and reading headstones. Have fun or – ut habere fun



One thought on “Challenge Week 13 School Days.

  1. Julie’s Contribution Thank you Julie for participating My favourite subject at school was legal studies. I lived sitting in the courtroom watching cases, and learning about the law. Sadly the only secondary school available to me was not very good, the teachers were terrible, except for my legal studies teacher. I begged my mum to send me to boarding school but she couldn’t afford to. Sadly my career wishes of either doing law or joining the police force didn’t happen, but my daughter is now wanting to go down this path so hopefully she will get there. I can’t say there was a subject I didn’t like I quite enjoyed school.


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