CHALLENGE WEEK 15 – Time for some fun – do you have an amusing family story to tell? Is there an oddball cousin aunt or uncle who did whacky things or a really good story about great grandma that you would like to tell. Have a think and WRITE and have some fun

Hope you are enjoying the challenges.  This week you can have some fun.  Everyone has that one person or that one story they would like to write about.

I have a granduncle who will be the subject of my story but I will need to spend some time on Trove to do a little bit of research on this one. Or I could write about a young man whose idea of fun was to stuff live eels down your bathers, Hmmm choices



One thought on “CHALLENGE WEEK 15 – The quirky family story

  1. Eileen posted this response to the week 14 Challenge — My grandad, George McCarthy was a part-time comedian on the local music halls and workingmen’s clubs around Devon. Married to a very strict Catholic who didn’t appreciate his efforts to supplement his railway porter’s wages in this manner to keep her and their 7 children fed and clothed, he kept much of his routine quiet. His take-off of a Catholic priest was a special favourite. Grandad often enjoyed a pint, or two or three after his shows before walking home. One night , rather tired (???) he stopped to rest his eyes and was woken up by the constable on night patrol who just happened to have an eager cadet photo-journalist doing the rounds with him. Grandma didn’t speak to him for weeks after she and all the town saw the front page of the local paper next day. The headline read, “Catholic priest found drunk in gutter” with a photo of Grandad in full Mass regalia looking blearily at such a rude awakening. I never knew him as he went missing, presumed drowned while on a watchman’s patrol along the seafront in WW2 but I know I have inherited more than a little of his personality and love of entertaining.


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