Week 20 Challenge – Significant events

Week 20 Challenge – Significant events

Week 20 CHALLENGE …Write about two or three significant events in your life. They can be personal, national or world events. This could be “the classic where were you when question.”     Why are they important to you? … Here are some prompts to start you.

  1. When you decided to leave home
  2. Get married
  3. When Elvis died
  4. When John Lennon was assassinated
  5. When man landed on the moon
  6. When Kennedy was assassinated
  7. When you received your final year exam results
  8. When you lost a loved one
  9. When you child said “I love you” for the first time
  10. When your baby took their first steps
  11. Where you first met your partner
  12. when you first spoke/performed  in public
  13. When you first watched a TV
  14. When you were given the key to the house
  15. When you learned  there was no Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny

You can write to one, two, ten or more, responses  it’s up to you …Remember it is your story …




What kind of food memories do you have? Was your Mum a meat and 4 Veggies cook? Was it a roast on Sunday and baking on Saturday household? Did you know what day of the week it was by what was for tea? What is your favourite meal?

Well, here we are at week 19 … I hope you are enjoying the challenges and along the way learning something about yourself and your view of the world. There are no right or wrong responses and no right or wrong way of presenting your work. Enjoy and don’t forget to share on FB on our blog.

My mum was a good cook as were her mother and father.   My Nana was a great cook  and her lemon meringue pies and cornish pasties were to die for.

cornish-pastiesMy  paternal great grandmother came from Shropshire,  she married a Cousin Jack and I like to think that’s how my Nan’s cornish pasties became to be the very best thing because they were original.

Do you have a traditional family recipe you would like to share ?


‘Where do I get my ticket for next year?’

‘Where do I get my ticket for next year?’


Finally a chance to stop, relax and draw a deep breath.  On Sunday night, September 11, 2016, the lights came down on one of the most successful productions Coolum has hosted. The Sunshine Coast Inaugural Readers and Writers Festival.  Success can be measured in many ways. Bums on seats, positive energy, and public engagement are a few.



The energy created by this festival and its impact are sensational. Being part of the festival since May it has been an experience I will never forget. The vision of the organisers shone through as the driving force. The commitment of those volunteers who worked tirelessly for the three days was amazing and the support from the invited guests was fantastic. The talent of the authors, illustrators, slam poets, musicians was mind blowing as was their generosity.  The ability to meet one on one, to chat and listen to their experiences was a gift.

I had the honour of meeting and listening to Uncle Herb Wharton, an Australian living legend. Uncle Herb  holds the Australia Council for the Arts Lifetime Award for Achievement in Literature. I swapped jokes with Robert Macklin, author of Hamilton Hume, discovered common interests with P J (Paula) Parker, The Long Goodbye, and have a tea and cake date with the sensational Lynne Kelly, The Memory Code. Some serious networking going on.

The bursary group, which included me, gave their first public reading of their interpretation of the Ubud Festival theme Tat Tvam Asi, to a small but enthusiastic audience.  http://www.ubudwritersfestival.com/


Exhaustion, fatigued, exhilarated, excited, anxious, frustrated, these are just some of the emotions I experienced this past weekend. It wasn’t all plain sailing nothing good ever is. It was a steep learning curve and next year will be bigger and better.

Thank you also to Peta and Sue, from Sandy Pages Bookshop in  Coolum,  for allowing us my friend Jade and me  to help manage their book sales for the festival.


Now the festival is done and dusted for this year. Thank you to the Organising committee for the opportunity to participate in the very first festival. It was wonderful to see Wendy O’Hanlon’s vision come to fruition. Thanks to Eileen Walder, Jay and Rob for the incredible work they put in. To everyone, ALL the volunteers, visitors, and guests, it was great to see so many smiles. Onward and upward onto bigger and better things in the future.

The best statement of the festival was a young woman who asked me, “Where do I get my tickets for next year?”…. that says it all.



The Memory Code

Week 18 Challenge Childhood Memories

Week 18 Challenge Childhood Memories

Week 18 Challenge – Close your eyes and imagine you are a child again. What is the first image that comes to mind? Have a go and write about that childhood memory.

It could be about a favourite person, a book or a toy. Who had a blankie? I did, Is it your grandmother’s scones or does the smell of lavender suddenly transport you back?

Remember there are no rules: Dot point or diary style, either way, is fine. Try to add some sensory details that made the moment special. These are the things that make memories zing.

Can you separate out one image of thread or is it a jumble of images?  Are you someone who likes to sketch? Are you able to produce a drawing that is the focus of an early memory ?


The lovely images come from

Pinterest. https://au.pinterest.com/lauren101705/mini-albumschipboard-books/

Challenge Week 17 SHOPS / SHOPPING

Challenge Week 17  SHOPS / SHOPPING

The featured  image this week is from the Australia Remember When page. It is the basis for this week’s writing prompt.

When you were growing up what was it like to go shopping with your parents? Are you a product of the supermarket store or did you have a corner store or strip shopping? Did you have deliveries to your home? What are your memories?

I remember the corner milk bar run by my dear friends Mick and Phil Sutherland where I had my first job working during school holidays, weekends and after school.

39 Xavier Street Oak Park

29 Xavier Street Oak Park 3046

I remember shopping in Coles Variety Store when they had serving counters inside and shop assistants who actually served. Buying swap cards for my collection. I had every one of the  “set” shown below

Coles Smith Street Fitzroyswapcards

Going to the grocer for a quarter high tin  (anyone know what that was?) and 6pence worth of broken biscuits from the tin ….. Have fun with this one 🙂

High Tin