The featured  image this week is from the Australia Remember When page. It is the basis for this week’s writing prompt.

When you were growing up what was it like to go shopping with your parents? Are you a product of the supermarket store or did you have a corner store or strip shopping? Did you have deliveries to your home? What are your memories?

I remember the corner milk bar run by my dear friends Mick and Phil Sutherland where I had my first job working during school holidays, weekends and after school.

39 Xavier Street Oak Park

29 Xavier Street Oak Park 3046

I remember shopping in Coles Variety Store when they had serving counters inside and shop assistants who actually served. Buying swap cards for my collection. I had every one of the  “set” shown below

Coles Smith Street Fitzroyswapcards

Going to the grocer for a quarter high tin  (anyone know what that was?) and 6pence worth of broken biscuits from the tin ….. Have fun with this one 🙂

High Tin


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