What kind of food memories do you have? Was your Mum a meat and 4 Veggies cook? Was it a roast on Sunday and baking on Saturday household? Did you know what day of the week it was by what was for tea? What is your favourite meal?

Well, here we are at week 19 … I hope you are enjoying the challenges and along the way learning something about yourself and your view of the world. There are no right or wrong responses and no right or wrong way of presenting your work. Enjoy and don’t forget to share on FB on our blog.

My mum was a good cook as were her mother and father.   My Nana was a great cook  and her lemon meringue pies and cornish pasties were to die for.

cornish-pastiesMy  paternal great grandmother came from Shropshire,  she married a Cousin Jack and I like to think that’s how my Nan’s cornish pasties became to be the very best thing because they were original.

Do you have a traditional family recipe you would like to share ?



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