WEEK 21  Challenge  … What makes you stop and go WOW!

  • Is it a spider’s web sprinkled with dew like diamonds?
  • Is it seeing new life come into the world?
  • Is it being creative?
  • Is it watching your kids achieve?
  • Is it watching your team win?

Have fun with this one

Remember you can opt in or out of the challenge at any time – no fee to take part – how and what you write is up to you

Silky web spun soft and light 
Perfection in every point 
Images reflected dull and bright 
Diamonds not of coal but water
Ethereal in design spun at night
Ribbons of steel trap the unwary  

Wound around in circles slender
Enter here and fight for your life  
Bound around the twigs at every height
Surprise at the spider's strength and slight




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