Challenge Week 22 – Movies.

Challenge Week 22 .

What was the first movie you remember seeing? Was it at the pictures or at the drive in or on TV? That opens the door for a lot of memories.

The first movie I remember seeing was Fantasia in the mid-1950s . It was filled with such wonderful music and I think it was at the Metro Bourke Street, Melbourne.Micky.jpg    click to listen to the one and only Night on Bald Mountain.

I loved the dancing crocodiles and the  hippopotamus it was a marvelous introduction to classical music.  I was scared witless part of the time and thoroughly entranced the rest of the time.

Going to the movies in those days was quite an adventure. All dressed up in best clothes and lunch in town at Myer Cafeteria before the matinee session. It was an experience which  helped turn this writer into a lover of the cinema and live theatre.


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