Challenge Week 25 Dinner Sets. I am back. Here we go again. What can you write about a dinner set or a favourite piece of crockery?

I looked at my cupboards and looked at the melamine and expensive junk I had accumulated. Then like a hidden treasure, a flash of gold caught my eye. My grandmother’s dinner set. Royal Doulton missing a few pieces but perfect to use. The memories flooded over me. Family card nights at Nana’s on a Friday. Nana serving the grandchildren dinner on her good dishes. I remember my mother saying to her that we would break them. My Nana replied, if we learned early to appreciate good things and treat them with respect we will always enjoy having good things around us. If a piece is broken so be it. It is only a possession at the end of the day.

Now my Nan was Primitive Methodist but that was a truly zen statement. So Nan thankyou. I have taken them out and washed them and they are sitting waiting for the next meal. Every time I eat, I will be reminded of the good times and that there is no point in saving things for good. Make now the good times.

I feel  like a grown up again. Kitchen cupboards liberated all plastic and multiple items banished. We will breakfast and lunch from our 1970s retro set and the evening repast will be served on our 1930s Royal Doulton dinnerware. What was I saving it for ..oh and don’t forget the cake forks and 1960s Rodd cutlery set…



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