Last challenge we looked at Christmas and we will stay with that theme. Did you go to see Santa as a child? Have you continued that memory with your children or grandchildren?
When I was a child Christmas seemed to take forever to arrive. I would be taken to Myer Melbourne to see Santa. It was a special occasion. New shoes, gloves, school blazer brushed and then posing for that photo. I don’t ever remember sitting on Santa’s knee always standing. I am not sure if there was a charge to see Santa  back then I was too young to remember. There was, of course, a fee for the photograph.  One was purchased for each set of grandparents.  Money was tight for Mum and dad back then so it was an expensive outing. However, the photos always formed part of the grandparents Christmas presents.  The visit to Santa was followed by lunch at the Myer Cafeteria, usually fish and chips and a chocolate ice cream sundae.  linda-morse-1955-age-5years

The fish was cooked in a special batter and if I close my eyes I can still taste the batter and the flakey fish, and then came the sunday  it was presented in a tall curved glass with a long silver spoon with a small bowl so you could gather up every delicious morsel.  The glass was filled with ice cream, fresh cream, chocolate topping, crushed peanuts and the big glistening red glace cherry on top.  Afterward,  we would go to look  at the wonderful Myer windows. A simpler time in the 1950s. Times changed,  I grew up, married and my children came along and we went to see Santa every year. Sadly there are  no photos as we lost them in a house fire in the early 1980s. My daughter has continued the tradition and has a wonderful record of the boys over the years visiting Santa.

Foy and Gibson Santa photo  Victorian State Library Collection

Santa and Linda  Myer Melbourne December 1955


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