Week 29 -Years End.

Because we are approaching the end of the year and Christmas is only three days away, I am going to pose a question.

How do you deal with the end of the year?  Are you getting ready for annual holidays, hiding from Christmas, embracing the festive season or already preparing for the year ahead?

This is a slightly weird challenge.  We are over half way with the Challenge and I have a number of exercise books laden with notes, pictures, and scribbles. What a bounty of material I am going to have at 52 weeks.  The good thing about this challenge is you can move in and out at will. No pressure, just have fun.

Thinking back as the year draws to a close every year I start cleaning out the house. I have vague memories of my maternal grandmother saying that the house had to be clean and tidy for Christmas and the New Year.  Was that because of the influx of visitors or was it because she didn’t want the wee folk upset by poor housekeeping?

This year has been no different  I have cleaned;

  1. The kitchen cupboards including the plastics/Tupperware cupboard. Where do all those missing lids hide out?
  2. The fridge and the freezer….I must have been mad to grate and freeze 2 kgs of zucchinis in March – I don’t really like zucchini
  3. The Wardrobe – now our house is small. I lovingly refer to it as the shoe box.  The wardrobe I share with Bernie in the master bedroom is not big.  We have cleaned out the drawers in the tall boy,, the blanket box at the end of the bed and the wardrobe. Life Line has benefitted from our overspending on too small or too large clothes. I did try selling some at the market for a gold coin donation – no takers, either the clothes were not their taste or buyers suspected a trap. One lady told me I had to have an ulterior motive because no one gives away good clothes.  Oh my, when did we all become so cynical?
  4. Next on the hit list was the linen press … did I really need that many towels sheets and face washers?  Once again the floor was covered with sheets and towels etc ready to be bagged and taken to Life Line.


The study is next and this will be hard as there are 25+ years of collecting books and fabric and patterns to be sorted out.   These will be sold online I need to recoup some of the money I have spent over the years.

The really interesting thing is the cupboards in the kitchen, the wardrobe, chest of drawers, linen press and blanket box all of these areas are closed or behind doors, you can’t see the inside and yet knowing they have been cleaned and pared down imparts a sense of tidiness to the rooms. Hmm, funny that.

This morning I was contacted by someone who liked my blog, thank you, thank you,  🙂  and wanted to know what I had planned for the next 6 months.  I had to admit that although I have an outline it is very flexible and I tend to go where the mood takes me. Lo and behold as you can see the old Serendip has hit me again this morning. Now I am looking at my DVD collection do I really need 300+ DVDs?   Decisions!




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