This week’s challenge may prove a curly one for some people.   Here are some prompts that may help you get started.  This is a very personal question.  You may not wish to participate and that is fine.  This is your life story and it is up to you how much you disclose.

  • Do you have a religious belief system
  • Memories of going to church, Sunday school, church groups or outings
  • Does religion feature in the significant events in your life
  • Did you go to a church school
  • Were you taught by the Nuns or the Brothers
  • Are the celebrations of Easter and Christmas or Hanukah Passover or  Festival of Lights  or Buddha’s birthday more important because of your beliefs
  • Did you have an opportunity to make your own decisions about religion

I will post my responses later in the week, because like you I am a little hesitant in approaching this subject and need to plan this out a little before posting.


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