Hinterland Writing has been established to help you make sense of the past, to help you bring together all of your family history research.

Do you have a shoe box or suitcase full of family history photos and documents?

I can help you present this information in an interesting fun way, by helping make your ancestors three-dimensional characters allowing them to tell their story.

Perhaps you are the facts, figures, and charts person. I can help you put all your research together into something you will be proud to hand down to your children.

I have been researching family history since the early 1980s and have a wealth of experience to draw on. I complete my Bachelor of Creative Writing through the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2016 and I am in the process of completing a Diploma of Family History Studies through the University of Tasmania. I am also a qualified Coach and Mentor and Life Celebrant. In 2017, I commence my postgraduate studies with family history based research as my focus.

A published author primarily in academic journals, I recently project managed the microfiction insert in the 2015 University of the Sunshine Coast  Anthology Within Without and have co-edited and project managed an anthology of creative family history stories based on work produced by students of the Writing for Family History unit UTAS 2015-2016. The expected publication date for this anthology, Secrets, Twists, Triumphs & Tragedies is June-July 2016.

It was during the preparation of this work that I discovered how much I enjoy helping people put flesh on the bones of their ancestors and giving them the opportunity to tell their stories. I will work with you to organize your work, releasing it from boxes and binders into a family history artifact. The result may be a book, a journal, a scrapbook or an online publication.

The most important thing is it will be what you want, and something you can share.

If you would like more information about our services you may contact Hinterland Writing by leaving a comment below or by emailing Hinterlandwriting@gmail.com o